Renegade Media


APR 2013

+ Looking forward to collaborating again with Plywood People at Serenbe Farms, southwest of Atlanta, GA. An always inspiring bunch.

MAR 2013

+ Massive apologies for way overdue updates. Just got back from Richmond, Virginia, where I did a few public lectures and worked with students at VCU. Great vibe, fun town. So happy to be back in the groove.

JAN 2012

+ I'm one of 50 designers featured in Designer Fuck-ups, a book and exhibition launching Feb 8-9 in Stockholm.

DEC 2011

+ And here they are: my Core77 gift picks. Merry merry!

NOV 2011

+ Very excited to be one of this year's Core77 Holiday Gift Guide curators. Coming soon!

OCT 2011

+ Attending Marie Forleo's RHH LIVE in NYC Oct 21-23.

JUN 2011

+ I'll be speaking about human-centered design research at Eat Strategy July 20 in Toronto. Check it out, homies.

MAY 2011

+ I'm selling my soul with Forleo and LaPorte May 12 in NYC. Woop, woop!

APR 2011

+ Lots of irons in the fire this Mercury Retrograde. Writing and re-writing. Re-visioning IDEO Patterns. Revising book proposal.

MAR 2011

+ Embarking on 3-week writing vacation. So liberating, so exciting.

JAN 2011

+ Wahoo! Attending Designboost Telefonplan in Stockholm Feb 9-11. This year's theme: Design Beyond Design.

NOV 2010

+ Back in the writing racket. Co-authoring a design-y brand book. More soon!

MAY 2010

+ Sadly, I've had to cancel my participation at the YES Summit in Leksand. There's always next year...

+ Heading to The 5th Global YES Summit - Rework the World June 2 to 5 in Leksand, Sweden, to co-lead a session on rethinking design with the wonderful Mathilda Tham (of Goldsmiths and Beckmans).

APR 2010

+ Talking about the DESIGN 21 collaboration with Living Climate Change at The Metropolis Conference at ICFF in New York May 17. C'mon by!

MAR 2010

+ Gearing up for SXSW Interactive this weekend in Austin. If you're going, be sure to check out the Design Fiction panel, with special guest Bruce Sterling.

FEB 2010

+ IDEO and DESIGN 21 have partnered to launch a climate change video contest. What's your vision of the future?

JAN 2010

+ Recent pieces I wrote for Pepsi's Refresh Project on architects Carolyn Steel and Cameron Sinclair, for their Food/Shelter and Education initiatives, respectively.

+ New gigs I'm looking forward to: SXSW Interactive in Austin Mar 11-14, to moderate the Design Fiction panel, and a public lecture at NSCAD University in Halifax Mar 25.

+ My futurist piece Hurry Up and Wait in GOOD, with the inimitable Julian Bleecker, Bruce Sterling, Jamais Cascio, Esther Dyson, Alexander Rose and John Maeda.

NOV 2009

+ A distinctly So Cal ForYourArt feature I wrote on the art of architecture collecting.

+ Back in Barcelona Nov 5-7 for the CLEAR Village Lab. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces, meeting new friends, and engaging in a participatory design process.

+ Group show Bits 'N Pieces opens at Material ConneXion Nov 4. Go to the opening if you're in New York City!

OCT 2009

+ Guest-editing IDEO's Living Climate Change site has been a real treat, and honor; it has granted me the opportunity to marry my journalism past and design-thinking present in the name of what's been deemed "the most defining design challenge of our time." Check out the latest post on a No-Trash New York. And join the conversation!

+ Back from COM:PLOT, totally inspired. What an amazing bunch of people doing incredibly good work! Check out the photos here.

SEP 2009

+ Zipping off to Guadalajara Oct 4 to speak at COM:PLOT, a three-day conference about city systems, long-term thinking and community-driven solutions.

JUL 2009

+ Upcoming goodness: the launch of CLEAR Village at Copenhagen Design Week (Sep 1-2), preceded by a fortuitous opportunity to be in Stockholm again for my talk on design, change and sustainability at Beckmans College of Design Aug 28.

MAR 2009

+ I'm featured in The Soft Spot's WHAT THE *#&! IS SOCIAL DESIGN exhibition. It opens in San Francisco Mar 12!

FEB 2009

+ I've been invited to participate in CLEAR Village Lab, a collaborative design event with a mission to create a sustainable village. First event slated for June 4-6 in Barcelona, at the IaaC.

JAN 2009

+ Taking my turn at the podium Feb 9 at Goldsmiths, University of London, for Matt Ward's 'Design Means' Lecture Series.

JAN 2009

+ The Soft Spot wanted to know what warms my heart and makes me tick. The show opens in San Francisco Mar 12.

NOV 2008

+ Invited by Svensk Form to speak at Pecha Kucha in Stockholm on the 6th. Topic: language as a design medium.

OCT 2008

+ Confirmed to participate and speak at this year's Designboost in Malmö, Sweden. Topic: "personalising public space".

JUL 2008

+ I.D. magazine's Annual Design Review features my "Getting Personal with Global Warming" design concept on page 160!

JAN 2008

+ I've been invited to speak early April in Östersund, Sweden, at a conference hosted by The Globalization Council of the Swedish Government and Färgfabriken, "laboratory of the contemporary." Sounds magical.

+ Adobe Think Tank piece on fictional products, in which Chochinov talks to me about NonObject.

SEP 2007

+ Designboost website now up and running.

+ A nice Emergence review by CORE 77's Allan Chochinov. Full article.

+ It's off to Hong Kong before too long. I've been invited to coordinate and moderate INNO ASIA 07, an annual conference co-organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and the Hong Kong Design Centre. This year's theme: "Innovating for Sustainability."

AUG 2007

+ This just in: on Sep 8 I'll be speaking at Carnegie-Mellon's Emergence 2007, a conference whose aim is to explore "the boundaries of service design."

+ Come mid-October, I'm off to Sweden for the first time - woo hoo! - to participate in a design event organized by David Carlson. It's based in Malmö. It's called Designboost. It's all about sustainability.

JUL 2007

+ Wow, I'm a diva of the month!!

JUN 2007

+ The first week of June kicks off design 21, a new 'social design' site sponsored by UNESCO and Felissimo. I've been invited to be its resident weekly blogger!

+ My podcast is now officially up and running!

MAY 2007

+ I'll be presenting sola and chatting about 'sustaining change' with Sarah Rich from Worldchanging @ Tomorrow Unlimited, over two weekends in June: New York (6/7-6/9) and Los Angeles (6/14-6/17).

MAR 2007

+ Hear, hear, for design conferences that spur yet more design conferences! I'll be speaking at Luminous Green in Brussels, Belgium, over its run Apr 27-30. It's a retreat, workshop and (Power Point-free) symposium on ecologically-inspired and sustainable worlds.

FEB 2007

+ So far, '07 is a year of exciting design-related travel. At the end of the month, I'll be boarding a plane for Delhi to attend the Doors of Perception conference. This year's theme is Juice: Food, Energy, Design. I'm looking forward to participating in the Round Table activities - including a "watermapping" exercise - and the plenary itself on March 3, replete with ripe food projects the world over.

JAN 2007

+ I'm heading to Japan on the 18th to speak about social innovation, at a design conference put on by the IdcN (International Design Centre Nagoya).

OCT 2006

+ Coming soon: DESIGNERADIO, a new podcast that looks at the world through the lens of design.

SEP 2006

+ Massive Change exhibition opens at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago Sep 15. I'll be there with bells on, signing books!

NOV 2005

+ Brussels' magazine Knack does a profile piece.

+ Danish architecture magazine Arkitekten features an article on my Era05 presentation.

OCT 2005

+ On the 27th, I'm off to participate in a design symposium called "What Crisis? Design and society in times of confusion" at Utrecht Manifest, biennial for conscientious design.

SEP 2005

+ Era 05: World Design Congress in Copenhagen. I'll talk about the future of design and collaborative tools for qualitative change.

+ CALA, the University of Minnesota's College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, has invited me to speak about the role of design in shaping public space (Sep 19).

+ International upholstery trade fair Decosit 2005, "the worldwide touch," takes place in conjunction with DecoContract Sep 10-13 at Brussels Expo, Belgium. An article I wrote on materials is featured.

JUN 2005

+ To my delight, I was just awarded 2nd jury prize in a "Postindustrial Design" competition, created by Hyperwerk in Basel, Switzerland.

MAY 2005

+ I'm to speak in Berlin, Germany for the "Blueprints of Tomorrow" symposium at DESIGNMAI.

JAN 2005

+ Massive Change: The Future of Global Design (Phaidon, 2004) was just voted one of top five books by Wallpaper* magazine.