Massive Change (Phaidon Press, 2004), co-authored by Jennifer Leonard and Bruce Mau, is a book about the future of global design. It showcases in-depth interviews with visionaries across disciplines, providing evidence of human ingenuity and distributed problem-solving the world over. In response to the question, "Now that we can do anything, what will we do?," Massive Change is a representation of the collective intentions and effects of those working towards the greater global good.

Expert Interviews

Michael McDonough on sustainable architecture
Your e-House is a unique mix of high performance and alternative technologies. What was your inspiration?

Hernando de Soto on redesigning property law
How do your ideas differ from conventional ideas on the source of capital?

Carol Burns on manufactured housing
What is the true definition of a manufactured house?

Robert Freling on rural electrification
How is SELF helping to power small villages all over the developing world?

Rick Smalley on our energy challenge
Rick, tell me about C60.

Jaime Lerner on public transport
Curitiba, Brazil, is considered one of the best examples of urban planning on the planet. When did you begin participating in the design of its master plan?

Dean Kamen on personal mobility
The Segway Human Transporter (HT) is efficient where urban driving currently is not. How so?

Stewart Brand on the long view
What was Bucky Fuller’s reaction to your button campaign that asked, "Why haven’t we seen an image of the whole earth yet?"

Lawrence Lessig on free culture
How are coders themselves increasingly becoming lawmakers?

Ian Foster on grid computing
How is grid computing today similar to the Internet in the early nineties?

Hazel Henderson on global markets
How is the field of economics dealing with technological change?

Felice Frankel on micro and subatomic imaging
Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry, has called your book, Envisioning Science, "priceless." That’s high praise.

David Malin on astromonical imaging
How has your experience as a chemist – working with optical and electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction – influenced your work as an astronomical photographer?

Catherine Gray on sustainable business
What is your main focus at The Natural Step?

Philip Ball on materials science
Explain this idea of "the material is the mechanism."

Janine Benyus on biomimicry
Jennifer Leonard: and sophisticated scientific tools, do we have the opportunity to align ourselves more closely with nature than ever before?

Gwynne Dyer on conventional war
Is it true that the introduction of precision weapons has reduced the number of soldier deaths in war?

Arthur Kroker on cyberwar
What does it mean that war is now mediated through technology?

Seymour Melman on the conversion project
When did you become passionate about the conversion project, from a military to civilian economy?

James Der Derian on imagining peace
You talk about the military’s use of information as a force multiplier. How is that?

Bruce Sterling on the next fifty years
In Tomorrow Now, you travel through Shakespeare’s "seven stages of man" – from As You Like It – as a way of navigating the next fifty years. Why is that?

William McDonough on economy, ecology and equity
You talk about The Next Industrial Revolution, where industry and environment come together in harmony. What does this look like?

Matt Ridley on the genome
How significant is it that for the first time in four billion years a species on this planet has read its own recipe?

Freeman Dyson on genetic engineering
Freeman, what are some of the more outstanding scientific breakthroughs you’ve personally lived through?

Robert Langer on tissue engineering
You are one of the most prolific inventors in medicine today. Tell me about some of the patents you hold.

Eugene Thacker on biomedia
As computer science and molecular biology intermingle, how does our view of the human body change?

Bill Drayton on the citizen sector
Describe the transformation of the citizen sector that we’re witnessing today.

Ashok Gadgil on safe drinking water
What happened in northeastern India in the summer of 1992 and how did it affect the direction you took with your career?

Stephen Browne on the digital divide
When it comes to poverty reduction, what role does Information and Communications Technology (ICT) play?

Nancy Padian on women’s health
Describe the sense of urgency you feel right now with respect to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Zimbabwe.

Jeffrey Sachs on poverty reduction
Since the UN Millennium Development Goals were put forth as a global challenge, how well have we rallied together to meet the needs of the world’s poor?